The Prodigal Author Returns

Sorry about the radio silence last week. As many of you know, I live outside of Fairbanks Alaska and our internet can be a bit spotty. Well, we lost it completely almost two weeks ago and got it fixed again this last weekend. I deeply apologize for being an unreliable, smurgy such-and-such.

As stated in the comments of my last post, I’ll be posting a chapter of my little novella Driving at Twilight for the next several weeks until the entire thing is posted. But since I missed last week, I’m going to post three chapters this week to make up for it. Hopefully that makes me less of a loser.

Chapter Two

I sometimes wondered if I should have asked for Mr. Rafferty after all. Two weeks passed and I grew reasonably certain that Mr. Kilner hated me. I didn’t know any more about him after being near nightly stuffed in his little sports car with him than I had when he first pulled up, and he knew nothing more about me. We only spoke of driving, and as little of that as possible.

Even so, we fell into a routine. I tried a different scent of shampoo every night and he eventually stopped spraying air freshener at me, content instead to just leave a window cracked. We drove around town, practicing parallel parking in the one part of town that had it, and he only commented on my driving when it was wrong. Our one hour of purgatory seemed to last a little longer each night and I was counting the days to my next attempt at getting my driver’s license.

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As always, please let me know what you think of it. Also, hopefully tomorrow, but possibly the day after that, I should have an exciting announcement for you. So stay tuned, kids! If not, I should have a perfectly rabid rant instead! 😀


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