Happy Father’s Day!

Not much to say today, other than a late happy Father’s Day to all you papas out there. I find myself surrounded by awesome daddies in my life and one day a year isn’t enough to celebrate the incredible work you guys do. We spent yesterday with family (and breaking up preschool scraps at the playground- yikes! Lord of the Flies!) and we got to talk to my own Dada, currently stationed in Afghanistan. It’s always awesome to talk to him, especially when he’s so far away. Modern technology is amazing.

Keep up the good work, fathers! Having nannied in a foster home, I’ve seen firsthand what happens when parents don’t do their jobs. Of all the kids we took care of over the years, not a single one of them was there for reasons beyond his or her parents’ control. When parents do their best for their children, it’s always enough. Way to help build an awesome future!

Chapter Six

“Three point turn. Go. And don’t be lazy about it.”

I rolled my eyes and signaled right, pulling up to the far right. I switched the blinker to the left, glancing for traffic, and then turned the wheel and crossed left. Looking around again, I spun the wheels hard right and backed up to the opposite side of the street. Stopping again, I checked for traffic again with heavy exaggeration and then pulled forward and parked, lifting my hands in the air. “Ta da!”

“Lovely. The checking is important, even if it feels redundant. There could be other cars or people or animals at any moment. Things move constantly. Did you know that around twenty percent of all traffic fatalities are-”

“Pedestrians,” I interrupted. “Yeah, I know.”

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