Pitch Party Overview

For anyone who missed all the excitement this last week, a few friends and I got together and had our (First Annual?) Pitch Party! It was fantastic. We got lots of helpful feedback and had a lot of fun. And since it was so much fun, I’m doing an overview so that other people can relive the awesomeness. Lucky you!

As stated in the previous post, participants prepared two pitches. The shorter pitch could be no longer than 140 characters. The longer could be no more than 100 words. Shorter pitches were posted on Twitter, while longer pitches were posted in the comments here. But for archiving purposes, it’s been requested that I post the shorter pitches as well. Here they are, in no particular order!


So after the shuffle of posting both on Twitter and on this blog, we got down to brass tacks and starting the critiquing portion of the Pitch Party. I moderated and we went through each of the eight pitches and said what we particularly liked or disliked, ways they could be improved, things that were confusing, etc. All in all, I think it was pretty helpful. 140 characters isn’t a whole lot of space, but I think folks did pretty well cramming in as much information as possible.

Just for our eight short pitches, we were at it for at least an hour and a half, if I’m remembering right, so we decided to pick apart the longer format ones on our own time (since some of us were nursing sick children and on other continents and other such lame excuses). As our closing, we voted on our favorite pitch and the winner was Madison (@_vajk), who nudged out Cel Writing (@CeluthWriting) by one vote. For the longer format, Liz (@LizOnstead) snagged the prize for her elegantly crafted pitch, while Tia (@tiakall) posted the most comments by a long shot, and was also, by the way, the only participant who commented on every single pitch. Which is awesome.

As stated, each of our lovely winners will be awarded with a exceedingly nifty and finely crafted postcard which I think will get through customs.

I think I speak for all (most? some?) of us when I say this really was a blast and very helpful, and I plan to polish up the pitch a bit more and give it another go. And by the way, if any of you lovely readers have any critiques to add, PLEASE, we would love to hear them! I know I speak for all of us on that one. You can post any thoughts to the comments below about the short pitches above, or go through the longer pitches in the comments of the previous post.


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