Apocafest Winners!

Ah! Sorry I’m a bad person! In all the craziness of yesterday, I completely forgot that I was breaking promises. (And remember that if you want to read the original apocalypse scenarios, they can still be found in the comments here.) But fear not, gentle readers! The random bystanders have spoken!

Judge One: The Noisy One (Yes, this one is me.)

Creativity: Michael (Frogs- nobody suspects the frogs)
Plausibility: Liam (Asteroid- gosh, it read like a timeline in a history book)
Scary: Nanopals (Cords- creeeeeepy)

Judge Two: The Girl With Great Hair

Creativity: Nanopals (Cords- electronic Death: don’t trust toasters)
Plausibility: Liam (Asteroid)
Scary: Liam (Asteroid- it’s scary ’cause it’s true!)

Judge Three: The Guy Who Doesn’t Do Commentary

Creativity: Michael (Frogs)
Plausibility: Liam (Asteroid)
Scary: Liam (Asteroid)

Judge Four: The Guy Who Took Voice Lessons

Creativity: Mary (Sasquatches)
Plausibility: Liam (Asteroid)
Scary: Nanopals (Cords- Human eating appliances- can you imagine if someone made a movie like that? Cars driving around with laptops tracking us… It’s like transformers but they’re not on our side!)

Given that Liam and Nanopals were at this point locked in a tie for the scariness category, a panel of three preschoolers was polled to decide between them. (This was all extremely official. They wore little hats and everything.) Below are the final winners of Apocafest:

Final Winners:

Creativity: Michael
Plausibility: Liam
Scary: Liam


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