Camp NaNoWriMo Approacheth

I live in Alaska, which can at times involve earthquakes, volcanoes, deadly storms, tsunamis, wild animal attacks, and power outages during -40 degree or colder weather. There are all kinds of creative ways to die around here, so we put a little effort into dying as uncreatively as possible. But when I saw a disaster preparation poster about earthquakes this last week, I just couldn’t help myself. I give you, in all its wordy glory, a NaNo prep poster! I guess it’s just that time of year again.

Are YOU ready?



Speaking of Camp Prep, here’s a quick reminder for all of you who don’t remember how badly I neglected you in November. There will still be weekly updates on the blog, but, much like the post above, I cannot guarantee their usefulness. Or their entertainment value. Or their quality. But! There will be updates. Starting the first Monday of April and lasting through the final, you can look forward to a pair of oh-so-insightful reblogs from some fabulous writer types, and a couple weeks of pure literary silliness from a perhaps-not-quite-so-fabulous writer type. (Ahem.)

Best of luck to my fellow campers! Get ready!


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