5 Tools to Enhance Your Focus While Writing

If you aren’t hanging out with The Sprint Shack, you should be. I loved this blog of theirs about cutting out the distractions so prevalent when you’re trying to pound out some words. Happy writing!

The Sprint Shack

5 tools to enhance your focus while writing: Apps, programmes and music to increase your concentration and shut out distractions.Distraction is a demon that plagues all writers. Though we fight against it, often we fall prey to the many distractions of the virtual world—Twitter, Facebook, and that inescapable black hole, Pinterest.

One way to increase our focus while writing is to word sprint. The Sprint Shack hosts sprints almost every day over on Twitter, and when we’re not wearing our fingers down to nubs against our keyboards, other notable sprinters are there to help you with your digit erosion (might we suggest investing in a pair of gauntlets?).

But what if word sprints aren’t enough (shock, horror!) or you’re not able to take part in a sprint at that time? That’s where these five tools can swoop in and save the day through enhancing your focus while writing.

1. Simpleology

Prepare to become a productivity ninja with this programme. If the Internet pounces on your writing time like…

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