Technically Evil

So I’ve gotten the internet junk sorted out, but the scanner continues to elude me. It turns on and everything, so I know it’s not dead. It’s just playing dead. And only when I need it. I swear, every technological advance since the 1950s is pure evil, just waiting for its chance to drive all of humanity into madness. People who know how to wrangle it are some kind of technowizards that I will always fear and reverence.

So I’m currently looking into other scanner options that don’t cost me my soul and two months’ rent. And until I get that sorted out, I’m left without a way to scan this silliness I made for you. In the meantime, you get a flashback! Who doesn’t love those?

Unless you’ve been with this blog from the beginning (and even if you were with this blog from the beginning), you may not know about my OTHER blog. It’s like my secret lovechild blog that gets no attention. But in the spirit of self-mockery and technology hatred, I share with you an ultra-stupid webcomic I made years ago called:

Stephanie v. Copy Machine

It’s kind of a cop-out, I know, but I don’t imagine most of you have seen it, and it’s set in a library. So you know there’s wacky hijinks going on. It’s also just hilariously bad. All these characters are based on real people that I worked with there at the Keith B. Mather Library all those years ago. (Except for the priest. He didn’t actually work there, but he’s real, too.) And the ‘you’ referenced in most of the comics is always Stephanie, for whom the comics were written. Because she was so, so bad at getting the xerox machine to work.


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