Travel Plans and Derring Do!

(Aside: Happy Mother’s Day! I hope all you mommies had a fabulous day, and I hope all you humans had a chance to send warm and gooey loves-waves to whoever did all your nurturative mothering.)

FranceTrain As this post hits the interwebs, I will be likely trapped in a metal tube hurtling over the ocean. Whee! After five years of dreaming, my husband and I are finally going to France to visit the ancestral home of the Marcottes of Fecamp. We’ll be traveling for about a week and a half before we hurry home to rescue the grandparents from our little monsters darlings. (As such, there might not be a post next week. It’s possible, but don’t count on it.)

We’re packing very light, little more than toothbrushes and a change of clothes. (It should be pretty hilarious watching my preggo hugeness gypsying across the Norman countryside, asking dumb questions in garbled high school French.) But one thing I was sure to stuff in my bag was a little notebook and a pen. I don’t expect to write a huge amount while over there, but I do expect that, along with the flood of new experiences, I will also receive a flood of new ideas, new thoughts, new springboards. Writers are often told to write what we know and I plan to stuff my pretty little head full of new things to fuel my worlds and my characters. So when I come back, I hope to have some bright, fresh eyes to work out some bright, fresh stories.

But skipping the country isn’t always an option when your writing is starting to feel a little tattered at the edges. Sometimes all it takes is a cup of tea/coffee/watered-down-salty-koolaid-sports-drink to perk you back up. Or a trip to the gym, or an hour torpedoed by chasing interesting wiki-links. So while I’m out and about, tell me: What do you do to recharge the writerly batteries? What are some ways to inject new life into your writing?


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