Despite getting back Friday night, I am still a little jetlagged out of my mind. Plus, real life pretty much punched me in the face the moment I got off the airplane. So… no writerly wisdom this week, sorry. ‘Cause I know this is TOTALLY the place you come for wisdom.

But as far as my to-do list while in France goes…

Accidentally order a dish with eyeballs intact? Check.
Get applauded by a full car on the subway for reasons I only vaguely understood? Check.
Get hit on while looking at the Eiffel Tower (and six months pregnant)? Check.
See another American who made me want to revoke his passport and kick him in the crotch? Check.
Laugh/cry in a cafe over receiving liver pate when I could have sworn I asked for sausage? Check. (I just wanted a sausage. I just wanted a sausage.)
Wake up every morning at 4:30am? Check.
Completely baffle some Frenchman with the admission that I don’t drink alcohol? Check. (Completely. Baffle.)
Have my flight home cancelled because someone was on strike? Check.
Be delighted by how kind and helpful everyone was to me? Check and check.


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