The Halloweenies!

Wow, this is just the season of things sneaking up on me.  Halloween is upon us!  Since I didn’t have the foresight to scrape together another spooky story contest this year, I humbly submit a story of my own.  It’s got wolves!  Happy Halloween!  And next time you hear from me, it’ll be NaNo time! *flails in terror*

Wolf’s Bane

Nim was dying. She lay crushed against her Gammie in the darkness, suffocating, and marveled at her stupidity in leaving the trail. Hadn’t they all warned her? Was this the cost of her audacity?

A sharp lance of pain tore her cheek and she saw brilliant daylight. She looked up, her head sliding out of the gore, and saw him standing over her, peering down anxiously.


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