Sample Chapter Extravaganza!

Okay, not really an extravaganza.  Just one chapter.  But I thought it might be fun to post the first chapter of this month’s Camp NaNoWriMo project!  This is from Goddess Forsaken, the second book of the Star Daughter series.  (The first book, you may recall, is City of the Dead.  You can read the first chapter of that one over here!)

This baby is ugly and in desperate need of a lot more love than it’s gonna get during NaNo, but that’s what the schedule says, so that’s what you get.  Despite its being terrifyingly unedited- so judge gently- I hope you enjoy it.

Goddess Forsaken, Chapter One:

The smile stretched forever, spanning everything.

“Read with me, Entiln,” he said in a pleasant voice. “Let’s review.”

Months of pain and terror were cataloged in his skin, carved into flesh and bone in scars that would never heal. Jonathan’s fingers were on his neck, feeling his pulse, tracing the scarlet lines his knife had put there.

“Read with me.”

Enthiln shook his head, trying to flee, but Jonathan was everywhere. He was everything. He was God.


Pain tore through him and he screamed.


Nahldria startled upright, scrambling out of bed before she was even awake.

Enthiln! Enthiln was hurt.

She banged her shin against the stool and the pain brought her to full awareness.

She absently rubbed her shin as she stared around the dim room, confused and exhausted by months of interrupted sleep. Not home. But not there. And that had to be good enough for now.

Enthiln clawed at the wall, still trying to escape his dreams, and feet padded down the hall. Nahldria hurried to the door, tugging on her second-hand nightgown, its hem brushing her shins instead of her ankles. She stumbled into the hall, Enthiln’s struggles still loud in her ears, and then paused beside his door, frowning. It was already open.

Read more! –>


While I’m throwing links at you, here’s a bonus one!  For anyone interested, I was interviewed last week by Gwendolyn Kiste on her blog.  Go check it out!


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