Camp NaNo Review

The month is over, the buffer is depleted, and… Whew!  I made it!  No miles for me to run!

I like graphs.

I like graphs.

I think the hardest part for me this year was just having a lot going on in real life.  When I could sit down and work for one or two hours a day, I could jam out a few thousand, but it was the sitting down and working part that was tricksy.  There was this house that kept magically getting messy.  There was this husband that needed ridiculous amounts of editing with his stuff (you owe me, darling).  There was this clingy giant baby that wanted to be held every waking moment.  There were these kids that wanted to eat like every four hours.  Sheesh.

Once again, I had a fantastic cabin.  And once again, fancy foods and clean laundry fell by the wayside.  And I still can’t bear the thought of having to tell people I didn’t win NaNo this time around.  Those were all important.  But I think what really saved my bacon this time, the one thing that nudged me over the finish line, was this desperate, cranky, rebellious little part of me that spent the entire month screaming, “I am not a maid or a chef or a robot or a diaper refreshment technician or a lego construction engineer! I am a human being and I am allowed my hobbies!

Yep. There she is. Pretty attractive, eh?

That’s right, my hubby is one lucky guy!

But whatever it was, it was enough to get me across the finish line.  Now I can catch my breath for the next two months before doing this to myself all over again!

So!  Starting next week, we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled, slightly less idiotic posts.  One small change is that I think I’m going to try to do at least one of the comics per month.  People seem to like them, so we’ll see if I can keep them entertaining on a regular basis.

Thanks for sticking with me through all the stupidity!


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