Post-Nano Aches and a Reblog

Whoo! Camp NaNoWriMo kicked my butt last month.  Think I’m exaggerating? Check this out.

Here’s a Stats graph from a typical camp session for me:CampStatsAnd here’s the graph from this session:

CampNaNoYeaaaah… This graph isn’t even really accurate (because reasons)- On my goal of 30k, I finished with 30,034.  It was a pretty near thing this time around.  So grueling. (And once again, super-duper thanks to the sprint runners of @NaNoWordSprints! You guys made it possible!)

So! Since last month seriously drained absolutely all my writing (and brain) resources for the last thirty-one days, I’m gonna wimp out a little and delight you all with a reblog!  Hopefully you’ll find the article, courtesy of Writer’s Digest, as edifying as I did. And I plan to be fully recovered with a meaningful post next week.  Until then, happy writing!

12 Lessons Learned From a Debut Author

I wrote my first novel six years ago at the age of forty-three. I was not an English major. I did not possess a Master in Fine Arts. I hadn’t had any creative writing training whatsoever, unless you count my honors English class, as a senior in high school. Bottom line, I was starting from scratch.

If you’re new to writing, like I was, take heart. I had those what-the-hell-am-I-doing moments, too. And when you don’t have the knowledge base to gauge your place and progress in the authoring world, it can cause a bit of anxiety. So if you’re feeling this way, know that you’re not alone. You can write that novel. It is possible to get published. I just hope I can help you in some way on your journey.

Without further ado, here are twelve lessons I learned, as I navigated the path to publication.

Read More! –>


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