Who Is Your Patron God?

Hello hello!  The madness of the holidays is upon us and so, rather than create a thoughtful and informative post for this week, I opted for pointless stupidity!  Assuming you’re reading this instead of eating ham and candy (seriously, what’s wrong with you?), I hope you enjoy this lovingly-made present of silliness.  Happy holidays!

Who Is Your Patron God?

Nirothians (an ethnic and religious group from my Star Daughter series, including Nahldria herself) will actively worship all the gods at one time or another throughout their lives, but typically have just one or two that they worship regularly. Find out who your patron is based on your personality by taking this quiz!

(And by the way- Happy Kanyer’s Day!  Kanyer is the goddess of night and her chief holy day falls on winter solstice.  The darkest, longest night of the year.  *glances out frosted window* *stifles sob*)



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