Author Brand Worksheets

Alright, kids, who’s ready for their homework?

As we talked about last Monday, a brand is a calculated perception you want people to have about you and your books.  Creating a good brand takes some time and thought, but once you get it down, your readers will know exactly what to expect from you. (That’s why I can say “It’s a Steven King book” or “It’s a Martha Stewart book” and you get such different ideas in your brains.  Those are their brands talking.)

As promised, I’ve put together a worksheet packet to help you create your own author brand.  Some of these things are clearly essential.  (The name you will be writing under, for example.  Kinda need that.)  Some are a little more take-it-or-leave-it.  (Author logos, business cards.  You can get away without these at first.)  But ideally you will at least think about these things.  Branding is a lot like worldbuilding.  The more complete it is, the more immersive it will be for your readers.  As you go through the packet, work on the things that apply to you, and feel free to ignore the rest.

The worksheets should be pretty self-explanatory.  For the things I thought you might like a little more guidance on, there’s a resources section at the back; if the question has a star after it, there’s more in resources.  And if you still have questions after that, let me know!  I’ll do my best to answer.

For anyone interested in an online workshop to help one another figure out author brands, please mention it in the comments, email me, shoot me a twitter message, burn smoke signals, etc.  Once I get a headcount, we’ll figure out a time and format that works for as many people as possible, ideally before the end of the month.  I’m looking forward to it- I know my brand needs a lot of work!

So, without further ado:

Author Brand Worksheet

PS- Madison Dusome is megacool on so many levels, and proved it once again in graciously helping me put this packet together. Go check out her website, which is one of the handsomest I’ve ever seen. Clicky!



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