The Week before NaNo

This one’s for all those sounding boards out there. Thanks for telling us when our ideas suck! ❤

The Week Before NaNo

Okay, but now I’m curious- what’s the worst writing idea you remember having?


2 thoughts on “The Week before NaNo

  1. As I mentioned on Twitter, your expressions are amaaaaaazing! As always I am in love with your art and can’t wait for more 😀

    To answer your question… it’s tough to pinpoint a bad idea because I think a lot of bad ideas COULD be great, but… I guess the first novel I planned was basically a ripoff of Dragonlance, so it was pretty horribly cliche :/

    • Haha, I think this is a safe place where I can confess that The Plight of the Eagle-Eyed Hipster was not just an inherently bad idea I came up with strictly for this comic. *coughs* (At least I was able to build up a self-mocking comic about it, so win?) But I think my all-time worst was about a duck who was really unhappy because the other ducks teased him but then he died so everything was cool? Or something? I was like eight. The details are fuzzy. And awful.

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