Super Romantic Stuff!

We’ve had an exciting week and a half down here in Colorado/Kansas!  My youngest brother Charlie got married!


And the next weekend, my oldest brother Carlos got married!


Geez, guys! I can only eat so much wedding cake!

And so in their honor, and in honor of the fact that I’ve been eating waaaaay too much buffet food and am too exhausted to do anything cooler, I give you a lovely seasonal haiku I wrote for my exceedingly beloved husband.

Robert, you are my world.


Love starts new as seeds

Bursting, springing to the sun

Graced with green and gold


And then becomes strong

Fearless of the storm and cold

Growing in plenty


Still love despite change

The heart prepared, unafraid

To face anything


A love unbroken

Despite the storm and the ice

Tall and unbending


Beautiful and still

Full of the peace and comfort

Of safety assured


(PS- I know this isn’t a true haiku.  Don’t stress.)


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