Future Projects

Star Daughter Series

City of the Dead Currently in the Novels section- follow the link!

Goddess Forsaken  Currently in the Novels section- follow the link!

Crown of Shadows Nahldria and Enthiln are safely back at the palace, the war over and their wedding day fast approaching. The royal family travels to Enthiln’s homeland for the wedding, but a coup strikes as they near the border, including an assassination attempt on Nahldria and her father. With Nahldria’s father near death and members of her wedding party missing, Nahldria turns back to find the man responsible for not only the coup, but her brother’s death and the war with Bemnah as well.

Prophet’s Path A newly married couple, Nahldria and Enthiln journey to neighboring nations to solidify alliances and seek information on a growing plague of social ills. But their honeymoon soon turns into a nightmare as they find themselves hunted by one of the very people they would try to convert to their cause, a king who is a devoted worshiper of a would-be god known as Rissil.

Night Bringer Enraged over the treatment of the honeymooning prince and princess, war breaks out among the polarized nations, the conflict spurred to new heights by the machinations of Rissil. Nahldria’s family scatters to several fronts and she finds herself again the target of Rissil’s vassal king and his increasing forces of devoted followers.

The White Star Fleeing the war with her adopted daughter, Nahldria disappears into the wilderness to wait out the war. But she is found at last and dragged back into the conflict. The rivalry between she and Rissil becomes all encompassing, and she finds the war and her entire life culminating into a final desperate battle with the dark would-be god.

End of Worlds Series

The Children of Kor Set four thousand years after the events of the Star Daughter series, a dwarfin worshiper of Nahldria named Kizreh is slogging through her day to day life when she finds herself framed for a high-profile assassination. Taking nothing with her, she must flee everything she knew to have any hope of survival.

The Children of Niroth Kizreh finds herself in the last haven of the religious, the elfin nation of Emmaria. But things are not so safe there as she had at first imagined and she soon finds herself embroiled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with powerful heads of state and with the ancient gods themselves. She soon realizes that the only way to survive is to stop being the mouse and become the cat.

Single Titles

Dreams of Evelex Shannon and Jake have spent years creating a fantasy world named Evelex, a place only they can access and which blurs the line between reality and imagination. There, they are hailed as benevolent gods, the World Shaper and the Life Giver. But a tragedy in real life makes Jake think of Evelex as little more than a cathartic playground and he takes to darker forms of therapy. Shannon attempts to stop him and the two find themselves at irreconcilable odds, sparking a conflict that will engulf all of Evelex, before spilling over into their real lives too.

The Witch of Clearwater (Set in the same world as The Book, the Crown, and the Sword) Eleanor enjoys a privileged life as the cooper’s only daughter in the small village of Clearwater until the day when a fight with her parents sends her sulking into the woods, where she inadvertently answers the summons of an injured priestess.  The woman gives Eleanor a book of spells and commands her to run.  Eleanor flees far from Clearwater, pursued by a faceless evil that stalks her dreams.  The only way to be free of her pursuer is to open the book of spells and master its secrets, including the locations of the other talismans needed to destroy her foe.

A Cinder’s Tale Currently in the Novels section- follow the link!

Harem of Hemlock (Based on the ancient Persian society of the Achaemenid dynasty)  Azar is the granddaughter of the emperor when she survives her first coup and the following purges.  Her mother’s political prowess secures survival for she and her family and Azar learns the importance of power.  Later her uncle and then her father each take their turn as emperor, only to be murdered after mere months on the throne.  Tired of the bloody purges that always take place, Azar comes up with a coup of her own to place her brother and his sons on the throne- and keep the peace- for the next hundred years.

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