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LotsOfIdeasFellow writing bloggers! We all know that we’re supposed to keep active blogs going, but it can be hard to come up with interesting and valid topics week after week after week. So I have a plan that could help furnish new writing ideas, as well as maybe generate a little extra blog traffic.

Last week, I sat down for my bimonthly scheduling session, when I choose and outline posts for the next eight weeks. Sometimes these sessions are a total bust (which leads to weeks of flying-by-seat-of-pants sorts of nonsense), but they at least get me thinking about where I could drum up more ideas. At the start of the New Year, WordPress gave me an overview of my last year on this blog. Included was a list of my five most popular blog posts, as well as some of my most popular pages. And I suppose I could write about those things over again. But that’s less fun than the alternative.

Here I propose a collaboration of sorts. All you have to do is post to the comments below, sharing with us your most popular (whether that’s by hits, comments, whatever you like) blog post from last year (or of all times- whatever you like!) and a link to it. This way we all get a sense of what’s popular and what readers might like to see more of. List as many as you like! Then later, when you’re hunting for ideas and you see one you’re interested in revisiting, all I ask is that you include a nod to the inspiring blogger, as well as the link to the original post. That’s it!

To the comments! I’ll go first!


2 thoughts on “Blog Idea Exchange

  1. So here’s my Top Five by views from 2014- and they’re all super different!

    1. Building A Magic System- A how-to on the different components of a believable magic system. (
    2. Bushwhackin’- An absolutely true short story about how much I suck at cross-country skiing. (
    3. Writing An Utterly Unsexy New Adult- A discussion about what the New Adult genre is, isn’t, and might be. (
    4. Let’s Do The Thing!- Firefly reference aside, this surprised me. This was a reminder for Americans to vote. Go figure. (
    5. The Reality Fairy- A goofy (REALLY goofy, actually) comic about overcoming writing obstacles. This one surprised me, too, because it was posted so late in the year and still made the list. (

  2. Aight! Here are my top five entries, ignoring pitch party entries and the writer interviews I did, which are high on the list. Some of these are from 2013, because otherwise the views are so low that I dare not call them “popular”. Entries are in descending order of popularity:

    Novel Plotting with a Storyboard

    Four Ways to Gamify Your Revision Goals

    Which Character Are You (from my entirely unpublished WIP)? [2013]

    How to be Brave: 5 Tips for Modern Adventurers [2013]

    Art & Meaning I: [c]overt art [2013]

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