Sample Settings

Rural Settings:

Pond during storm, Elbert CO

Lakeside woods at night, Silver Lake CA

Discovery Bay beach, Port Hadlock, WA

Cranberry patch, Fairbanks AK

Seagull Colony, Blackstone Bay, Prince William Sound, AK

Urban Settings:

Amtrack Train Car in Transit, WA USA to BC CAN

Patsy’s Candy Factory, Colorado Springs CO

BP Energy Center western door, Anchorage AK

Prison admission lobby, location unlisted

MRI Scan, Fairbanks AK

Rooftop at Sunrise, Lisbon Portugal

Town Square (Snail Fest) at Sunset, Moura Portugal

Historical Settings:

Bent’s Fort Trading Post, La Junta CA, circa 1840

English Camp Formal Garden, San Juan Island WA, circa 1870

Moran Mansion Library and Music Room, Rosario, Orcas Island WA, circa 1910

First Presbyterian Church, Fairbanks AK, circa 1930

Moorish Castle Cistern, Sintra Portugal, circa 1000

Coat-of-Arms Room, Sintra Portugal, circa 1700