Pond during Storm

Pond during storm- Elbert CO

May 2016; (39°02’59″N 104°35’42″W) This is a paaaaain

Background: This pond is a man-made one roughly in the center of a covenant neighborhood outside of Colorado Springs; its access is limited to the family and friends of those living in the neighborhood. The grounds are professionally maintained, but the wooded areas, aside from a few groomed trails, are left in a mostly natural state. secrets

Tastes- clean water on my lips; a

Smells- rain smells; wet dirt; ponderosa pine; green and wet;


Feels- drops running down my nose and lips, dripping off the tips of my hair; toes cold in wet shoes; skirt soaked in front, relatively dry behind, clinging to thighs; shirt clinging to my back and shoulders as I hunch over my notebook; the breeze chill, but the air and rain warm on my skin; clothes and hair heavy; lashes cold on my skin when I blink;

Sounds- thunder overhead, shifting as the storm moves; pitter patter of rain on the ground; light pinging of hail; blips and pings of raindrops and hale in the pond; two crows arguing in the trees; pine needles and gravel crunching underfoot as I walk; my skirt flapping wetly against my thighs as I jog, my shoes squelching;


Sights- pond surface all broken with tiny concentric circles widening, overlapping, breaking against each other; gravelly dirt dry under the bench at the side of the pond and around the bases of the trees; ponderosa pines with rough craggy bark, brown and gray, roots poking out of the ground; orange pine needles in a thick carpet under the trees; trees about 3/4 to 3 feet in diameter; fat heavy raindrops and hale (hail up to pinky fingernail in size); pond rimmed in bright green knee-high grass; scattered wildflowers (bluebelles, butter-and-eggs, Indian paintbrush, clover, tiny white daisies, etc); faint steam over surface of the pond; sky bright pearly gray with darker bluish-gray in patches, the occasional patch of sky blue; pond rough oblong with a broad off-shoot running between trees opposite of me; I stand beside a smaller shallow steam running downhill behind me, choked with grass and flowers; droplets of water on leaves of small shoots and plants;