Portuguese Town Square at Sunset

The Corner of Calçada do Castelo and Praça Sacadura Cabra at Sunset- Moura, Beja District, Portugal

June 2018; 38° 08′ 34.7″ N 7° 27′ 06.6″ W

Background- A small town in the southern interior of Portugal, Moura is primarily known for its olive vineyards, its star gazing, and for its increasingly popular wine industry. My maternal grandmother’s family emigrated from this area in the early 1900s, where they were farmers. We happened to arrive for a visit during Snail Fest. Yummy.

Tastes- garlic and olive oil snails; bifana (thin pork grilled with olive oil and garlic), plain potato chips (less salty than in US), green salad (lettuce, tomato, onion, oil- nothing else), and passion fruit flavored Sumol brand soda

Smells- smoke: both from the grill and from cigarettes; dusty, floral; alcohol
Feels- cooling as the sun sets; hard cobblestones beneath my butt on the curb; breezy; good vibes from the crowd; thrumming of music in ears and through chest; sunburn hotness and stiffness of face and forearms
Sounds- murmur of crowd chatting; laughter; REALLY loud bank playing rock sort of music; kids playing and laughing, clanking the road barriers up and down from their holes in the road; adults yelling at kids; running feet; Portuguese babble;
Sights- partially cloudy over blue skies; pigeons and songbirds crisscrossing the sky; close backed buildings around the square (white plaster with dark wood doors and windows, occasional ocher or dark green trim; terracotta tile roofs; awnings over ground level shops; street signs; dark green overhanging street lamps); same cobblestone streets and sidewalks as in Lisbon and elsewhere; benches and fold-able tables fill the square, packed with dark hair and eyed people; mostly adults at tables with children playing around the periphery and up the side street; little dogs running around; posts set up between the tables, strung with light bulbs on black cord; large black stage set up with metal scaffolding and black awning and walls, black speaker banks, colored lights; band is two guitarists, a keyboard player, and a drummer; the tables are set up in front of the stage, which is nearly as big as the group of tables itself; a couple dancing in the back of the tables; food vendors set up opposite of each other on one side of the square- one grilling meat and boiling snails, the other with cotton candy, popcorn, candy, etc; large red umbrella over the grills “Super Bock”; green trees, trees of purple flowers; small ferns and plants in terracotta pots lining the walls of the alleys; walls have large worn patches that need new plaster and paint; little girls all have bows in their hair; little boys all have neatly combed hair; kids and young teens wearing somewhat dated styles- adults mostly somewhat more modern; lots of litter blowing around in slight breeze;