Woods at Night

Woods at night- Silver Lake CA

June 2016; (40°29’53″N 121°09’37″W)

Had to be done from memory since it was too dark to write

 This is a pain

Background: Within the Lassen Volcanic National Forest, the government leases out pieces of land to people who may build private second homes. My husband’s great-grandfather leased the land and built a small two-level cabin on the shore of Silver Lake. It is accessed through a largely unmarked series of logging roads and is shaped like a blobby three-leaf clover. My husband’s family has been going there regularly for over fifty years and it is where my husband’s parents were married.

 Why must I do this?

Tastes- No particular tastes

 Why can’t you just format normally, WordPress?

Smells- very dusty; ‘dry’ smell, despite closeness to lake;


Feels- Air warm to skin, neither hot nor cold; slight breeze coming up from the lake; rocks and dust uneven underfoot, a prickly half-dried bush jabbing my ankle;


Sounds- breeze at ground level, but sounds stronger higher in the trees; crunch of gravel with each step; crickets chirping regularly, interspersed with a sudden burst of cicada buzzing; no birdsong, no animal calls, no people sounds;

Sights- super dark, very difficult to see anything at ground level; can see hands if held close to face; the sky is framed by dark outlines of trees; sky a dark blue studded by trillions of bright what stars, very clear and cloudless; no moon in sight;

 Secret text! Spies!

Worries- that I might stumble on a snake and get my ankle chomped