City of the Dead

The elfin High Prince is dead. Princess Nahldria, a novice priestess, is recalled to the winter-bound capital as the new heir. The solemn stone walls of the Holy City give way to the treetop maze of the sprawling Keritnas as duty requires almost more of her than the grieving princess can bear. The whispers of the Eight Gods fade from her ears and the divine magics wither from her fingers, leaving only bitterness in their place. Plagued by the double loss of her brother and her dream, she finds unexpected solace in her engagement to the Heir Prince of neighboring Paleithois.

But her happiness is short-lived as a simple border dispute erupts into full-scale war. Her fiance deploys to the distant northern border to drive the invaders back, but the war spreads and he is captured. A surprise attack on the palace itself rips Nahldria from all she knows and she finds herself fleeing blindly through the wilderness. With another pitiless winter closing in, she travels north, hoping only to find her missing fiance, and trailing a string of unexplained deaths in her wake. She narrowly evades capture only to learn she is stepping into a much subtler trap. To fall into it would make her a slave forever. To avoid it could doom the world itself.

Set in a realm akin to Lucas’ Shadow Moon or Paolini‘s Eragon, City of the Dead weaves a new world of magic and myth, desperate swordplay and bare survival. This is the story of one young woman’s journey from pawn to princess.

Note: the chapters posted here are from a previous edition of City of the Dead not necessarily congruent with the above blurb.  The current edition has been heavily edited in preparation for publication.  Feel free to contact me if you are interested in being a beta reader or if you have any questions regarding this project.  Completion date is set at April 30, 2013. (UPDATE: City of the Dead 2.0 is complete. The first chapter is posted as “Chapter One (New!)” below- I’d love your feedback on it!)

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