The Chamber of the Beast

All is quiet as you push the door open, craning your neck around the doorframe. You can’t reach the light switch yet, but you toddle into the dim room. You pause as you hear steady breathing and see a lump of parent stretch out on the bed. If you’re quiet, you can finish your search and be gone before she notices.

You stumble across mounds of worn clothing and an open chest of drawers. Your parents are slobs. You finally make it to your mother’s sewing desk, working your way past boxes of scrap fabric and stacks of untouched patterns. It’s where she puts all the important stuff in the room, and cake is so important. You look up, up, to the top of the desk, but you can’t see it. You are too short.

If you give up and go to search the kitchen, click here.

If you go try the dining room, click here.

If you climb up mother’s roller chair to the top of the desk, click here.

If you take the easier hike up onto your parents’ bed for a peek before risking the chair climb, click here.


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