Dawn of Passion

You pick up the book. Dawn of Passion: Book Four of the Sultry Sisters Trilogy. Sure. You run around the house naked all the time. You can respect a guy who ditches his stitches at first opportunity.

You don’t understand why your dad can’t stop laughing while he helps you wrap your perfect present. You eagerly show your mom the wrapped package and she’s all excitement as you go and stuff it under the tree. Just a few more days and then it’s time.

Before you even get into your stockings, you drag your parents out of bed. You throw yourself at your mom’s pajama’d knees as she sits on the couch Christmas morning and shove your present into her hands. Your dad looks on with bright eyes despite the early hour. Your mom tears away the paper and then the grin on her faces freezes as she reads the title.

Confusion. Hm. That’s not what you were going for.

Then a frown. Hm. Definitely not that.

And then she looks across at your father and he bursts into laughter. She laughs too, covering the shirtless man with her hands, her eyes clenched shut.

Why is everyone laughing? Hm. You’re missing something. The perfect gift has somehow eluded you. You’ll have to try again next Christmas.


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