The Bath Section

You’re not a huge fan of bathing yourself. I mean, it’s alright with the toys and the bubbles. But parent bathing is boring. Bathing to get clean? And then just getting out? Where’s that get fun?

You look through the aisle for something suitably boring and matronly. A shapeless bathrobe. Good. But too much money. A hand towel exactly the color of that lady from church’s dentures. Nice. But slightly creepy. Maybe no. The bath salts look promising. You can afford those. But then you remember how finicky your mom is about strange colored foods. Blue salt might not go over so well, even if it did smell like an spring breeze. You remember last year’s attempt to surprise her with green eggs and ham, and move on.

Soap. Soap is good. Mom’s crazy about soap. She’s always breaking up the fun part of bath to rub soap into everywhere and then wash away your bubbles. Soap just might be the ticket.

Get the soap. Maybe the one that smells like grandmas.

You’re not convinced. Maybe another glance around the store is in order.

Eh. Just get her some candy. All this lavender extract is making your head spin.


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