The Pet Section

Stuff’s pretty expensive here. That cute little turtle would take like a bazillion weeks of allowance to save up for. Apparently you have to be stupid rich to be allowed control over the destiny of a living creature. Twenty bucks for a kitten? Who has that kind of money?

You eventually just skim the price tags until you find something within range and then pause. Fish food, 4.99. Hm. You lift the bottle down thoughtfully. She doesn’t really have a fish, but… maybe she wants one. Maybe this will inspire her to pursue her dreams of fish ownership.

It’s a long shot, but you’re getting tired of all this. Maybe it’s time to just buy something and get out of there.

You decide to settle for the fish food. Who knows? Maybe it’s what she always wanted.

Back to the corridor. You can handle a little more hunting around.

Eh. Head for the check out stand. There’s bound to be some candy or Pokemon cards or something she’d like there.


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