Character Art: Belle of the Brawl

Have a doodley-doo from the Cinderella retelling I’m working on in this, the last week of NaNoWriMo. Happy writing!

(Yep, that is Cinder Ella de Charré, lobbing a tiny hand grenade at the palace guards. Life of the party!)

Guess What

Soooo, as some of you may know if you follow me on Twitter, I’ve been having some computer troubles ever since I ran over my laptop with my bike. Twice. Well, it has once again taken its revenge by shutting down while I was working on the comic for today and deleting about the previous two hours’ worth of work on it. I’m not back at square one, but it’s set me back far enough that it’s not going to be done today. Check back tomorrow, and apologies for my tardiness! (You’re all used to it by now, I’m sure. *hides face in shame*)

UPDATE: Psyche on the “tomorrow update” thing, because instead I got intestinal plague. Because I had the audacity to eat five biscoff cookies in one evening. Five cookies = three days of regrets. Such is the joy of chronic belly nightmare. Ughhhhh… *death rattle*

Incomplete Sketch: Intercession

Boy, I thought I was sooooo clever when I realized that the cord that connects my wacom tablet to my laptop could also allow me to charge my phone in the car. I was feeling a little less clever when the cord disappeared completely and I realized no other cord in the world was going to fit my tablet. Yep.

So I found it eventually, but I spent all that time in panicky desperate searching instead of finishing the sketch. So have an incomplete sketch! It is a bird. I love birds. Pick up your litter, y’all.

Matthew 10: 31
I cannot guarantee the anatomical correctness of my little sparrow friend here.
That leg. That leg needs work.

Miss Frizzle, Colored at Last!

Thank you for your patience last week. And look, I finally colored the thing! Whee!

And just a heads up- today is the first day of another session of Camp Nanowrimo, so this month I will be lazy and stupid while I direct my brain power in other directions. We’ll have lame art and reblogs and who knows what else. Should be fun times!

Happy writing!

Watercolor and Fire

Sorry, I had this all ready to post yesterday, but had a long and fierce argument with the scanner instead. (And shortly thereafter gave up on my Epson scanner. I gave up on it years ago as a printer and I’m giving up on it now as a scanner. Anybody want a free doorstop- I mean scanner?)

ANYWAY. I have a writing buddy who is doing a fantastic job at NaNoWriMo this month, but finds herself a tad behind. So I painted her a victory postcard! It is two of the characters from her WIP and I am mailing it to her today.

Dragon Painting

The catch? Well it IS a victory postcard. And the victory IS in question. So if she doesn’t win, she must burn her painting with dragonfire. Or just regular fire, you know, whatever’s around.

So good luck, Anna! Tick tock!

Speaking of, I’m a tad behind as well. Ugh, I think I’ve been caught up for like three days this entire month. Time to stop painting and start writing! (Well, stop blogging and get to work, but I’ll write soon! I promise!)

Update: She won! The postcard is safe! Another victory for truth and science!

A closing note:

The above picture was taken with my phone on my table, despite me being a TERRIBLE photographer. Even with the crookedness and the darkening of my colors, I still thought it was an improvement. For comparison’s sake, let’s look at the Epson scan, shall we?


Yeah, ew.

Prize Postcard

Sometimes, when I’m word sprinting with friends, I offer them postcards as prizes. A few months ago, my friend Mary totally spanked me and I promised her a custom postcard as her prize. Little did she know that postcard would be like two months in the making, but here it is, the postcard that was most-hard. (I don’t know what my scanner did to the colors here, but you get the idea.)