Saving Time

Crunchy crab apples, I was not at the top of my game this year for NaNoWriMo. I baaaarely squeaked through the winner’s chute before midnight on the last day, with a grand total of two days the entire month when I wasn’t behind on my word count. I was never quite desperately behind, but staying only-a-little-behind still felt pretty impossible some days. But I did it! Huzzah! So if I just finish this last chapter, I’ll have a new draft to embarrass myself with soon. Yay!

But since I was so busy gobbling up any painfully stupid villain monologuey words I could find at the time, I didn’t get yesterday’s comic drawn until tonight. Sorry for the delay!

I’m gonna go sleep now. See you next week, folks! Happy writing!

PS- This comic may or may not be based on my real life. I’m not allowed to say.

Trick or Treat

Howdy! Sorry about the lateness of today’s comic. I got wrapped up in my kids school stuff last night (and this morning and this afternoon and this evening–it never ends, really) and completely failed to finish inking the comic on time! So here it is, late but great.

Also, this is your customary warning about next month: it’s NaNo time again! So I’m going to get lazy about the blog, with reblogs, terrible art, the works, starting next week. See you then!

Happy writing!

Trope Fail: Prince Charming Gets His License Maybe

DMV Lady has been charmed by this handsome young man for two hours now. He’s awfully charming.

(Apologies for the tardiness and extremely poor quality of the comic. I COULD have stayed up late and finished it last night [actually, probably not], but I was sick, exhausted, overwhelmed, and experiencing every technofail possible. Every. Single. One. And then today was worse. I am so done.)