Out of Context

I had hoped to have another goofy comic ready to post this week, but it didn’t happen.  (Blame falls in equal parts among YouTube, the foodiest of parties, my super fantastic husband’s birthday, and caring for sickly children, but I’m not even gonna pretend to regret any of those things.)

As some of you know, my Camp NaNoWriMo project for the month doesn’t lend itself well to sample chapters.  Instead of working on one single project, I’m wrapping up three (maybe four?) unfinished novels.  (And I have two down and one-to-two to go! Whoo!)  Therefore, all my writing for the month is pretty late into the books and spoilers are mega uncool.  But I still like to share LSWs after writing sprints, and some of them have been hilarious or creepy or just plain weird when taken out of context.

For example:

I’m not the one that took them off. I think you tossed them behind the coal scuttle after your fifth brandy.”

And again:

Enthiln took her face in his hands and smiled down at her. “Were you escaping?”

One more:

“Now get out of that dress, you’ve a job to do.”

I don’t even want to know what kind of books my sprint buddies think I’m writing from these babies.   But I do know I’m not the only one displaying this problem gift.  Some nice ones I’ve seen lately from others online:

Kabak stared at the door, wishing she would walk through.

(See, my mind immediately leaps to a bored assassin just wanting to do the job and get out of there.  Turns out, this is a guy waiting at the altar for his bride.  Right.  I was close.)

Another one:

“I don’t trust people who don’t lie when they should.”

(Haha, I love this line.  Cat, you’re brilliant.)

Last one:

“Sorry to wake you Mr. Givens but your tires have been slashed.”

(Ouch.  That’s a lame way to wake up.  Employee is wonderfully deadpan about it, though.  Give that person a raise.)

So the next time you see me write, “Gods, as if your shins still held any mystery.”, judge me gently.  Out of context is sometimes the best context.

Only one week of Camp left, and then we’ll get back to quasi-intelligent updates. (At least until the end of May, ugh, vacation, nooo.)  To tide you over until then, check out this cool infographic I found by ComputerSherpa:

Periodic Table

Visit ebookfriendly.com for full size.  I stared at this for a long time!