Gates, p.2


Things I cannot draw:

  • forearms and hands
  • faces
  • hair
  • armor
  • anything with any degree of consistency

And that water splash kind of looks like she’s being attacked by an exploding octopus, but frankly, it’s better than I thought it would be, so it was spared the list.

This concludes this year’s blogiversary celebration!  I hope you’ve enjoyed these few peeks at Gates. Maybe I’ll slip you another page here and there for future monthly comics. (And if you’re part of my Saturday crowd, this week saw three- three!- posts, so remember to check the previous updates.)

Happy writing!

Blogiversary the Third

Whoo! Three years!

As usual, I have nothing wise to say on the matter (see The Birthday Cake and Blogiversary Dos for previous annual shenanigans), and so I’ll just fling some art at you and run away!

I’ve been wanting to do a certain comic for a while and I figured the blogiversary was a good time for such things.  But instead of just doing a single update, I’ll do three! As a thank-you for putting up with me for the last three years!  So be sure to come back Wednesday and Friday for your bonus updates.

For those of you who can’t get enough of my more –ahem– stupid comics, never fear.  Next Monday, we’ll still have our regularly scheduled comic, tentatively titled How to Traumatize Your Children.  In the meantime, have a comic cover!


(Okay, but for the next two updates, lower those art standards a bit. A bit more. Uh-huh. Keep going. Keeeeep going. Liiiiiitle more. Okay. Yes. Low expectations are the secret to happiness.)