Reblog: Maximizing Writing Productivity While Working Full-Time

I try to avoid reblogging from Writers Digest because, well, everyone’s seen Writers Digest and I’d rather bring reblogs that I figure a significant chunk of you might have missed in all the vastness of the internet. But I liked this one too much to pass up, and it feels timely. As I’ve mentioned before, I work a full time job in the summer and four small part time jobs during the school year, not even counting being primary caregiver to our three growing boys (and our four chickens, they grow so fast). Time is always at a premium, especially during NaNo months. So without further ado, here is Audrey Wick’s WD article: Maximizing Writing Productivity While Working Full-Time. Enjoy!

Many writers dream of days they can devote entirely to their craft. But the reality is that working a day job in a field often unrelated to writing is sometimes a financial necessity, especially for new and debut authors.

When people learn that I write novels and hold a full-time job, they often ask me, “How?” They struggle to understand the balance of time, but I’ve made it a point to work hard to fulfill my love of both a professional life and my love of a writing life.

Also, what I’ve come to learn is that rather than seeing full-time work as a hindrance to the craft, writers can channel advantages of their situation to maximize writing productivity. Here’s how to do that:

Use time that surrounds your full-time job to think about writing.

For instance, on my commute, while I’m exercising or while I’m cooking dinner, my mind slides to my work-in-progress. During these times are when I flesh out my characters, develop plot points, imagine scenes of dialogue and consider conflict. Once I see these in my mind, it’s much easier to write them later. Also, permitting myself to think about writing during these times helps me stay focused on my full-time job to meet my responsibilities there since I know I’ll be able to come back to my writing later.

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