So Happy Togetherrrrrr~!

So we’re a weeeee little bit late, but there were technical difficulties, starting with my license expiration on my art program, spanning to the scanner not communicating with my laptop, and then finally with Paint (of all things PAINT) not cooperating either. Whew. Fortunately, my husband is a technowizard and was able to exorcise the digidemons. Thanks, hubby!

After all that, I have an ink sketch for you! It… it looks better on paper, I swear. But here’s a lovely lady dancing in a field of flowers to celebrate the start of a beautiful new relationship! Ahhhh, love!

Podcast: What Makes A Good Romance?

Man, romance is a ginormous genre!  Could there possibly be any more room for yet another romance?  Listen in as I pester a bunch of people to find out in this, my first ever podcast! *flings confetti*

All hail the following podcast helper elves!

Shelly Tappen, William Marcotte, Mary Tait, Harold Tappen, Al Shad, Robert Marcotte, and Lazlo for their beautiful voices, as well as Madison Dusome and August Evrard for their insights on podcasting in general.  Also, thanks to Nat King Cole, Ben Folds, and Claude-Achille Debussy for their awesome music.

If you’re still looking for a good definition of romance, try the Romantic Novelist’s Association’s website.

And if you’re curious about those stats from the podcast, and lots of other great information, check out the Romance Writers of America’s website.