Fan Fiction

This is my fan fiction based on the life of Mary. Okay, so maybe it’s not totally accurate of her life, but it has her name in it. More than once!

I dearly love my friend and alpha reader Mary Elizabeth Tait and so when she asked me to write a story of her as a princess, how could I say no? Mary is fond of steampunk, so I knew that I wanted to take that slant, but I’ve never written in that genre before and I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. After a few hours with the muse and a candy bar, I ended up with this. Let me know what you think of it!

Princess Mary

Mary yawned and shook the sleep from her eyes, stretching her kinked back. The vertebrae popped back into place as she shifted in the stiff chair over her workbench.

“Princess,” an attendant whispered, awe in her voice as she proffered a steaming cup of tea.

Mary looked up at her, a burly woman, a warrior. A new one. Mary wondered what had happened to the last one, but didn’t have the energy to pursue the thought. Her trances always left her drained.

She accepted the cup of tea and looked back at her workbench. She inhaled the fragrant steam as her red eyes coursed over the contraption on her bench.

It was smoother than her earlier works had been, as if her sleeping mind was improving with practice, refining its works. Its core had been neatly tucked away inside smooth chrome plating, a series of interlocking plates guarding a glowing interior that pulsed like a heartbeat. It looked like it could fold back, revealing whatever it was inside, whatever it was that her hands had made in the night, enthralled in the vision of her God.

But she had no idea what it did.

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By the way, Mary is starting a really cool project called Crooked Fables. Each week, Mary will post a new folk tale- could be Roman mythology, or German fairy tales, or Native American legends: who knows??? (Not I.) And then readers will come up with their own unique twist on the tale, posting their idea into the comments section. Reworked fairy tales are really popular right now and I’m eager to see the sorts of ideas that come out of this project. Put your thinking cap on and go check it out!