Trope Fail: Airport Romance

I really want for this to have actually happened.


(In other news, I didn’t die. Modern medicine is a wonderful and a mysterious beast.)


Trope Fail: Cop Shows

You know those cop shows where the same four people are analyzing the crime scene, bustling around the lab, making arrests, and then prosecuting the bad guy?  Yup. Now you know why.


Trope Fail: Crime Solving Teens II

Happy Labor Daybor!  And here at long last is August’s comic.  You may recognize the first part of the comic from its previous incarnation, Crime Solving Teens the First, but after much deliberation, I’ve decided that this alternate ending is probably much more likely.  Enjoy!

TropeFail Mystery II

PS- This probably comes as a shock to none of you, but, much like our teenaged friends here, also failed to solve my own mystery regarding what the heck is wrong with my drawing tablet.  As such, this was hand-drawn and scanned, a scanning which I nearly had to make my husband do.  And so the technofail continues.  *sad trombone*

I’ma go play Worms Armageddon.