The Book, the Crown, and the Sword

Matthew’s mother means well when she takes him to a witch, seeking a talisman to charm his life. The witch offers the boy his choice of three powerful artifacts to propel him onto a fated path: a book, a crown, and a sword. But Matthew asks for all three. Unknown to him, the innocent request triggers a spell that splits him into three identical boys, each sliver taking one of the three items. Each artifact triggers a separate disaster that drives the boys apart and shapes their lives.

But a soul is not meant to be severed and the spell cannot be complete so long as the slivers of Matthew’s self remain apart. Now eighteen years old, and with their homeland at the edge of an invasion, the three men are driven together by the dregs of the spell, each bewitched to seek the other talismans and the power they promise. Only one can survive to wield all three.

This page has the following sub pages.

2 thoughts on “The Book, the Crown, and the Sword

    • I’m really glad you like the concept! No, it’s not finished. It’s actually one of my back burner projects. I’m currently working on a different series and this stand-alone hasn’t gotten much attention in recent months. But it’s good to know if people are interested in a certain idea! Maybe I’ll hurry up and get back to work on it. Thanks for the comment!

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